Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Property

Buying your first property is a new milestone in your life and the process of buying your first ever property can be quite daunting. With so many HDB flat available such as HDB in Pasir Ris, choosing the right location can be difficult as well.

There are also many things that you need to consider and look out for before you make that major decision and sign the paper. This article will guide you through the things you need to consider before buying your first property.

Ex owners

First of all, you should do some research on the developer’s background if you are buying a new property. Check whether the developer is trustworthy or not. Does the developer have a good and high reputation in the development market?

If you are planning to buy a second hand property, you will need to check on the previous owners’ background. You should know the intention of selling the house, whether the owner is in the bank’s blacklist or not, whether the house have multiple owners, has the house been foreclosed or transferred and etcetera. These questions will definitely help you in determining the value of the property.

Insurer’s advice

After you found you desired house, you should engage with an insurance provider to check the insurance cost for the property. The total cost of insurance is dependant on various factors, for example: location – a property located in a flood prone area will have higher insurance cost. You could also seek for advices from your insurance agent regarding the property to find out more on the property you desire. However, do listen with a pinch of salt as you will be the one to buy the property. They might have some well intentioned advice, but at the end of the day, you are still the decision holder. Do not let yourself feel pressured by what they say

Mutual agreement with the seller

Make sure you read the documents and really understand them before you sign the paper. Understand each and every clause stated in the agreement to prevent any breach of contract, confusions and unnecessary arguments in the future. If you do not understand the contract, you could always seek for legal advice from a lawyer. This will save you from a lot of hassle and unnecessary conflicts in the future.


Choose a neighbourhood that you are comfortable with. Check for amenities available within the neighbourhood, such as education institutions, hospital, supermarket and etcetera. Location plays an important role in deciding which neighbourhood to stay. You will also want to check the distance between the house and your workplace. It is important that you choose a location that is convenient to you.

You definitely do not want to spend majority of your time commuting from your house to your workplace. The commute is going to have a cost in both your time and money. By staying close to your workplace not only can save you from the commuting time, but also on the transportation fees as you will be able to walk to your workplace or take public transportation such as bus.


Security should be emphasized at all times and should not be omitted. You will need to do your homework and research on the crime rate in the neighbourhood. Ask your future neighbours, search for online news or the local police department to check on the crime rate. In addition, you should also check if there is any security systems such as CCTV installed in the neighbourhood as having CCTV installed helps in preventing crime.

Future goals

As buying a home involves a huge sum of money, you will need to plan ahead. You need to know your future plans. Is this house for your own stay or is it just an investment for you? Whether you want to rent out a room in the future or you want to build a storage in your backyard.

Plan ahead and do your research before you decide on whether to buy the house you desire. You might also want to upgrade to a bigger house when your family expands as the current one does not provide enough space for your family. Having a clear set of goals in mind will definitely save you from many unnecessary troubles in the future. Do also note that the money you spent on buying a house might not come back to you 100%.

In conclusion,

It is essential you go through the above things before you sign the paper. After all, it is a huge commitment that involves a huge sum of money. You definitely do not want to end up regretting over your wrong decision. Most importantly, stay within your budget.

Carefully consider what you can really afford. Do not rush into things. Take your time to search for the right house so you do not regret in the future.

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